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Fantastic Man_21

At The U Symposium 2 weeks ago, editor and creative director Jop van Bennekom treated us to a preview of Fantastic Man N° 21 – in all its redesigned, 10th anniversary issue glory. Of course, in this age of magazines, where a new front cover has become – in the words of Gym Class magazine’s Steven Gregor – “a social media event”, the cover was something Jop was not about to give away to an audience of print enthusiasts armed with phones and a wifi connection.

Yesterday, the image of the latest cover, featuring a new masthead and Jonathan Anderson, was finally revealed. And, as is par for the course for Jop and co-founder/publisher Gert Jonkers, the revamp is fresh, directional, unfailingly forward-looking – we might as well start taking bets on how many other men’s titles are about to start employing the use of colour in the months to come already.

While we anxiously await its arrival on our shelves, www.fantasticman.com has the scoop on what to expect from the contents within – including this fascinating-sounding addition:  “A new section, bearing the title of Man Chat, gets to grips with the pressing topics de nos jours, which include rabbinical matchmaking and domesticated hens. It’s all such a breath of fresh air.” #truth