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“A smart magazine for women”, Riposte is one of our favourite new titles. And, it’s clear the rest of the world thinks so too, since issue 1 is now sold out at the source (although we still have a few rare copies left, #nopressure). We spoke to editor/founder Danielle Pender on how it all started, and asked her for an insider look at her favourite spots in London, to see where some of the Riposte magic happens.


What inspired you to launch Riposte?

I saw a cover of Intelligent Life and they’d chosen an unphotoshopped image of Cate Blanchett as their cover. She had very little, if any, makeup; she looked her age but she still looked beautiful. I totally loved it, as you never see women of her stature looking like that. It was really refreshing.


Which editors continue to inspire you as you navigate future issues? 

Tyler Brule is the boss. His business vision, and constant eye on what is new and innovative, is something I find very inspiring. I think what he has built up with Monocle is brilliant. I also love the fact that he’s still so involved in the day-to-day running of the company, and hosts some of the radio shows because of his love of the subject matter.


What do you hope Riposte adds to the newsstand?

I hope Riposte brings a new way of talking about and profiling women. It doesn’t have to be about how they look, who they’re sleeping with or what they’re wearing.


What were some other working titles before you decided on Riposte?

I’m really too embarrassed to tell you that! They were all really, really terrible!


Who are some of your dream interview subjects for future issues of Riposte?

I have so many. I’d love to feature Bridget Riley, FKA Twigs, Angelica Houston, PJ Harvey, Bjork, the list goes on. It’s quite difficult to get through to their PR people, there’s often a machine you have to get through and we’re just too small. We’ll keep trying though …

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Mag of the Month


It was actually thanks to a lovely customer (Hi, Weina!) that we decided to start bringing in Offscreen and selling it on the site. Her exact words were, “I realise Magpie doesn’t feature many tech independent magazines, so I thought I’d share one of my latest favourites – Offscreen magazine! I think it’s really charming and relevant in our current social-media immersed society, and provides good insight behind the scenes. Do check it out! ?

This story proves 2 things: 1) print is here to stay 2) we love hearing about which titles you?re currently into and why – just drop us a line on Facebook or via email (hello@magpie.com.sg).

Back to Offscreen – we got on it, stat, and are stoked to be selling it from issue 7 and beyond. Not only is the tagline ‘A print magazine about the human side of bits and pixels’ ingenious, the story behind it is great too. Disenchanted by the fast-paced, ephemeral nature of the digital world (one we’re all consumed by, whether we are in the IT sector or not), freelance designer Kai Brach started Offscreen to combine his love for technology and the printed word – a notion Magpie definitely supports. Now into its seventh issue, while still remaining a one-man operation, we have nothing but mad props for Kai.

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Masthead Mania


A few months back, we got all emo on Facebook over the news that Leith Clark was leaving Lula, the much-adored biannual fashion magazine she founded. The only silver lining was her new project, Violet (we noticed the other day in a Rookie article that Sarah Sophie Flicker, long time friend of Lula, was credited as one of the editors-at-large of Violet, so we guess the gang is going to pop up intact there – watch this space, we will continue to geek out the minute more news about Violet is released).

As for Lula, it took to Twitter last week to reveal its new editor-in-chief and Creative Director. Stepping into Leith’s red glitter shoes is Sheila Single, fashion editor at Numero, who got her start in the fashion industry assisting Marie-Amelie Sauve (also known as Nicolas Ghesquire’s BFF). As for its CD, Maja Kolqvist has equally impressive credentials, with stints at Vogue Paris and M/M Paris.

The new issue is due out soon, and we?re waiting with bated breath to see if Single and Kolqvist will be able to recreate the magic that Leith & co brought to Lula for 17 issues. Join us back here when the mag hits our shelves!