Anorak #33

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This new edition sends you to 16th Century England, during the reign of the terrifying Tudors. Hold on to your heads as this bunch of fearsome Kings & Queens love a bit of beheading! In this issue, Anorak tells the story of some serious Tudor V.I.Ps, get some live news from Ye Anorak Times, discover why King Henry had so many wives and grant you a special wish to be Queen or King for one day. This regal edition also brings you fun stories such as Billy the Burp as well as The Rat Race, and tons of games to keep your creative cells active. Huzzah!


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A happy magazine for, but not limited to, kids. Filled with eye-catching graphics and illustrations, fun crafting tips and lots of cool activities (we know plenty of adults who are just as into colouring pages), this is one title that's sure to stand out on your bookshelf. Hails from: United Kingdom Frequency: Quarterly (4 issues a year)