Anorak #37

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To celebrate our ninth anniversary, we are taking you on a camping trip down the deep dark woods!  Why? Because that’s where amazing stories and incredible legends live.

Don’t be scared, Anorak’s super powers will protect us from the strange creatures that inhabit this mysterious forest. Be prepared to meet heroes (yay!), villains (booh!), hug some terrific trees (aw!), discover plants you have never heard of (yum?) and read about legends that will send shiver down your spine (eeek!).


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A happy magazine for, but not limited to, kids. Filled with eye-catching graphics and illustrations, fun crafting tips and lots of cool activities (we know plenty of adults who are just as into colouring pages), this is one title that's sure to stand out on your bookshelf. Hails from: United Kingdom Frequency: Quarterly (4 issues a year)