Cereal #3

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Starting out at Santa Barbara, Cereal takes you to the beach and the farmers' market, segueing nicely into a chapter devoted to edible flowers and insects (only Cereal could somehow make the latter topic look aesthetically pleasing). After a brief interlude touching on menswear and letterpress, delve into the Causeway Coast, and conclude your journey with a well-deserved spotlight on the quietly dramatic Reykjavík.


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The Magazine

Specialty food magazines are a dime a dozen these days, but Cereal is making sure it stands out among the competition. This new quarterly deals with not just food but another subject close to people's hearts, travel. Structured as a book with different chapters for an in-depth analysis of a particular topic, Cereal hopes to be the perfect morning read ... and we daresay it's succeeded. Hails from: United Kingdom Frequency: Quarterly (4 issues a year)