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Cherry Bombe #6: Eat My Words

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We celebrate writers and cookbooks in this issue, starting with Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, the best friends who brought us HBO’s Girls. They talk about their partnership, their show, and their food misadventures, including Lena’s brownie mishap with Nora Ephron. Also, Dominique Crenn, Alice Waters, and Nigella Lawson discuss life and their latest books, Ruth Reichl reflects on the cookbook she wrote in the 1970s, cookbook queen Melissa Clark explains how she’s written 30+ books, and Chef Angela Dimayuga embraces the word fusion. Plus, recipes from your favorite chefs, makers, and bakers.


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Sick and tired of the food world being a "boys club"? Cherry Bombe hears you. The magazine, launched in 2013, attained cult status almost immediately with its empowering stance of celebrating women and food ... all while delivering the goods in a modern, intelligent way. Hails from: USA Frequency: Biannual (2 issues a year)