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As a magazine constantly telling the story behind the story, issue 17 of The Collective is no different. GEORGE CLOONEY talks about how he’s funding his own satellites to take on war criminals, while on the lighter side, they sit down with SIR RICHARD BRANSON on his private island; take a look at the year’s best moments in tech, business, fashion and philanthropy; and follow the rise, and subsequent demise, of 99DRESSES – once Australia’s biggest tech success. Go behind the lens with GOPRO, read on as teen icon TAVI GEVINSON opens up about the world after graduation, and take a peek inside the world’s most popular store, COLETTE.


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The Collective is a lifestyle magazine that brings together entrepreneurial and creative minds from across the globe. True to its name, its members are a collection of game changers, rule breakers, thought leaders and style makers with a common appetite for challenging the status quo. Through personal stories, in-depth interviews, investigative features and practical tips, The Collective aims to inspire and inform. Whether you are looking for a boost of creativity, business advice from industry professionals or a friendly pep talk, this mag is your guide to making an impact in this world. Hails from: Australia Frequency: Monthly