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It’s the first issue of Dumbo Feather for 2015 and there is so much goodness to share. One thing the team discovered in putting it together is if you want to change the world, you have to change the conversation. The people in this issue do just that. It’s a mix of the brave and the brilliant.

People like Maya Newell, who grew up a Gayby Baby, the child of two loving mothers, whose documentary about children growing up in same-sex families will change the public debate in Australia—and maybe the world. And Jed Emerson, a leading light in impact investing for decades, who is all about investing in the world we want to live in.

As the CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians, Jan Owen will paint you a picture of a fierce, brilliant, hard-working and compassionate generation of young adults who are not to be underestimated. Her advice to anyone over 40 is so awesome.

From Sundance to Sydney, Ian Darling brought Good Pitch to Australia and with it a platform for telling meaningful stories to heal our world. In a powerful journey from finance to film, his story seems so familiar with its false starts and hidden ambitions that you might just recognise yourself in it.

Lastly, Kare Anderson talks, writes and lives connection. Her observations of human interaction remind us of the simple things—like smiling, listening and being kind.


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