Encounters #5

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In this issue of Encounters, the team touches on the following in their discussion on the topic of “everyday”:

What Makes Us Singaporean?
Discoveries on Foot
Things That Repeat Themselves
The Universal Mundane
The Observers
Romancing the Daily Commute
How To Be a Goondu for a Day
Wanton Mee & Custard Bun
Interview: Maori Sakai
Interview: BIFU by XING CHEN
Interview: Atelier HOKO
Interview: Wilson Jao
Interview: Sean Kelvin Khoo
Private Moment in the Everyday
Everyday Lover
Interview: Ai
Interview: Sokkuan Tye
What I See at 10pm
Interview: Miki Chang
Jogging & Mourning
To Seek Love and Discover Wonder
Silence Is Your Theme Song


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The Magazine

As evidenced by its title, Singaporean bilingual magazine Encounters is about the chance meetings and occurrences that take place both on a daily basis and when you're on foreign soil, the interactions that result; and the beautifully unique experiences that life brings you.