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Fantastic Man #18

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Spike Jonze, Sigur Ros singer  Jonsi Birgisson … Fantastic Man continues to prove there are no shortage of gentlemen in this world, it's just harder to find and feature them, that's all. And, for those who fret about what to wear to work every day, the genius fashion editorial, “What to Wear to Work on Wednesday” will have you sorted.


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Fantastic Man is the magazine equivalent of Don Draper - somewhat formal, totally dapper and elegant, disarmingly sexy. Ditching the need for sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, the highlights are instead its detailed interviews with male celebrities and intellectuals across a myriad of different backgrounds; from Tom Ford to Bret Easton Ellis, and the stunning photography. Hails from: The Netherlands Frequency: Biannual (2 issues a year)