Father’s Day hamper 2: For the Dapper Dad

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While most fathers wouldn’t know Tom Ford from Tom Hiddleston, yours can actually appreciate Mr Ford’s design skills. Fantastic Man has a witty, irreverent and always intelligent take on every topic it deigns to feature in its pages, be it fashion, sports or entertainment; while Man about Town, with a focus on “business-engaged and culturally-oriented” male urbanites, will keep Dad on the pulse. A box of Gryphon Tea Treasures, containing 10 different types of artisan selection teas, will please his discerning palate – literally and aesthetically – and a mixture of white hydrangeas, protea flowers, philodendron leaves and lotus seed pods are as chic as they are unique.


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Fantastic Man

The Magazine

Fantastic Man is the magazine equivalent of Don Draper - somewhat formal, totally dapper and elegant, disarmingly sexy. Ditching the need for sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, the highlights are instead its detailed interviews with male celebrities and intellectuals across a myriad of different backgrounds; from Tom Ford to Bret Easton Ellis, and the stunning photography. Hails from: The Netherlands Frequency: Biannual (2 issues a year)

Man About Town

The Magazine

A magazine for the modern male urbanite who’s equally into culture, fashion and business. Hails from: United Kingdom Frequency: Biannual (2 issues a year)