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Filmme Fatales #6

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Issue #6 of Filmme Fatales is all about final chances, desperate attempts and last gasps. The theme, One More Shot, is brought to life through writing and artwork from 40 contributors all around the world.

It features:
– contributions from Courtney Barnett, Nona Willis Aronowitz and D’Arcy Carden
– Gillian Armstrong on Orry-Kelly and her new film Women He’s Undressed
– a fan letter from Emma Straub (author of NYT Bestselling novel The Vacationers) to her filmmaking heroine
– short fiction by Parenthood’s Sarah Ramos
– cover and internal photography by Ariel Katz
– original artwork by Minna Gilligan, Hattie Stewart, Meryl Rowin and Ashley Ronning
– an essay on plastic surgery makeover movies by Hazel Cills
– an examination on the absence of 20-something black women from cinema by Chanel Parks
– a poem about Reese Witherspoon’s determination to change her career by Kaitlyn Plyley
– a prediction of what Chris Rock’s future as a filmmaker means if he continues mimicking Woody Allen by Gemma Flynn
– an essay, by Sinead Stubbins, about the women left behind to pick up the pieces after gang violence erupts on screen

It’s 120 pages long and was printed in full colour, with a risograph cover and internal section. It looks hot.


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Zine alert! Filmme Fatales, as you can guess from its name, is about where films and feminism intersect. Its brilliant editor and contributors dissect everything from how Lena Dunham is not the sole voice of a generation (no matter how much we love her) to WWCCD (what would a Coppola character do). Hails from: Australia