Flow #9

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This issue of Flow gives us a look into why we should keep a sense of playfulness in our life – even as an adult; explores why receiving is hard, and how to get good at it; offers up an ode to the notebook; along with ruminations on the beauty of bathing, depicted in inspiring images; recipes from Rachel Khoo’s Little French Kitchen; and, as always, lots of DIY awesomeness with fill-in lists for your dreams, an envelope with poetry pictures, created by artists such as Geertje Aalders and Nathalie Lété; and the first English Flow Weekly, with the theme “What You Get When You Give”.


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The Magazine

It's tagged as "A magazine for paper lovers", but Flow is so much more than that. Besides overflowing - sorry, we couldn't help it - with articles on crafting and DIY (along with awesome freebies inserted into its pages), it's also a journal on positive psychology and the art of mindfulness. If there was ever a feel-good magazine, this would be it for sure. Hails from: The Netherlands Frequency: Quarterly (4 issues a year)