Frankie #68

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Inside, we talk to some record store owners about the realities of living out our empire records dreams, plus some lovely sorts wax lyrical on what it means to be young, muslim and living in australia. there’s a loving ode to coffee, a guide to showing interstate chums around town, some floating fashion, the science of sleep and a wall’s worth of arty vases. and how about some redesigned classic book covers, from the kid-friendly to not-so-kid-friendly? or a feminist clown, some beautifully painted bus stops and an utterly trinket-packed house?

for those who like to get hands on, there’s also a project to add some pizazz to your bike basket, and five creatives stop halfway through a project to show us what they’ve done so far. add some sweet reads, music, art and photography and we challenge you not to get stuck straight in.


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Frankie is the little magazine that could. The world can't get enough of its whimsical cover illustrations, insider-y look into the booming craft culture, and especially twee features on everything from cute lil' grannies to comparisons between different brands of toilet paper; and neither can we. Hails from: Australia Frequency: Bi-monthly (6 issues a year)