Frankie #73

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Inside these pages you’ll find a bunch of local movers and shakers telling us why they choose to dance, some networking tips for introverted types, and a chat with Babes In Toyland founding member Michelle Leon. We also paid a visit to some Aussie-sounding cities abroad, learnt how to be a good house guest (don’t do the deed on your host’s lounge room floor) and shared some long-overdue apologies.

What’s that you say? Kooky ceramic creations, a sweet kite DIY, a definitive ranking of cinema snacks and a loving ode to norks? Yep, we’ve got them, too. Plus a first-hand glimpse inside two local detention centres, a brief look at the life of a feisty Tudor queen and the craftiest fashion shoot you ever did see. Of course, there’s also the usual shedload of music, design, photography, real-life reads and giggle-inducing rants to keep the pages turning while you wait for your honey-soaked cake to bake. (You’ll find the recipe on page 51.) Enjoy!


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Frankie is the little magazine that could. The world can't get enough of its whimsical cover illustrations, insider-y look into the booming craft culture, and especially twee features on everything from cute lil' grannies to comparisons between different brands of toilet paper; and neither can we. Hails from: Australia Frequency: Bi-monthly (6 issues a year)