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The Spring/Summer 2014 desert issue of Gather Journal uses the word “Caravan” as its guide. Inside, you will find an array of recipes that bear the imprints of deserts near and far. There is a chapter devoted to desserts inspired by the iconic visuals of one specific desert (Arizona’s Painted Desert), and another that examines the meanings, both literal and figurative, of an oasis. We pay homage to the beauty of succulents, dream up a kaleidoscopic array of cocktails, and highlight the sense of wanderlust that the desert has been known to inspire.


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The best dishes come about when the chef cooks from the heart, and no one celebrates that more than Gather Journal, a gorgeous recipe-driven magazine dedicated to the aspects of gathering: to dine, drink, harvest, and cook. Hails from: USA Frequency: Biannual (2 issues a year)