MagSpy #3: Bite Me #2

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Hold onto your toupees for a new instalment of MagSpy that will have you wigging out over the sensational art, images, stories, interviews and sheer amount of HAIR packed into this magazine. Issue 2 of Bite Me features artists Sookoon Ang, Studio Shoplifter, Bless, Gasius, Mona Hatoum, Stansilava Pinchuk (MISO), Lorenzo Vitturi, photographers Peter Sutherland, Ren Hang, Sarah Lee, designers Susanne Deeken, Perks and Mini … and a bunny named Cleo.

With photos, essays, artwork and commentary from many contributors from around the world, the topic of hair has sparked intense exploration, discussion and conversations about the way we are constantly looking to control, manipulate, shape, grow, remove and change hair.



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