Mother’s Day hamper 2: A Passion for Fashion

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In a few short issues, Porter has established a name for itself as a fashion magazine that celebrates women – from Lady Gaga to Arianna Huffington – and womanhood. Local publication Vulture, with its emphasis on art, fashion and design, is a one-stop delight for the culturally-inquisitive mother. Stunning proteas and philodendron leaves stimulate the visual senses, while the jars of cookies keep her completely satiated.

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The Magazine

Hails from: United Kingdom Frequency: Bi-monthly (6 issues a year)


The Magazine

VULTURE is an independent space to explore ideas that would influence a new establishment of a younger creative class. Focusing on the key movers of contemporary culture, it aims to curate and reflect highlights of the current zeitgeist. Empowering a partnership between art, design, music and people to bring a new consciousness to the masses. Independent in essence, and in their creative pursuits, they run on the belief that merit prevail and relevance to the present will find itself a spot in this shared space. The dream is to fearlessly indulge curious minds and champion each other’s creative conviction. Hails from: Singapore Frequency: Quarterly