Offscreen #9

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In Offscreen Issue 9, designer Cameron Moll shows us how to be a successful home-office entrepreneur and dad of five; engineer Ruchi Sanghvi takes us back to her early, career-defining days at Facebook; Drew Downs tells us how he built a sustainable printing business powered by independent artists from around the world; open-source heavyweight Adrian Holovaty demonstrates his multi-talent as journalist, developer, and musician; doctor in physics, Roan Lavery makes a case for a more enjoyable way to manage our finances; and Stripe co-founder Patrick Collison explains why he has decided to build the payments infrastructure of the future.


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A print magazine about the human side of bits and pixels, Offscreen explores the oft-unseen aspects of our digital landscape, featuring the typically blood, sweat and tears-filled stories of the people who have helped to develop the world into what we know it today. Hails from: Australia Frequency: Quarterly (4 issues a year)