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John Short’s cover shoot of an intriguing pair of reverse footprints sets the tone for the Winter issue of Printed Pages – the last before the magazine goes bi-annual. Inside, they discuss art, fame and Desert Island Discs with Jeremy Deller, explore Kenzo’s dynamic culture of creative collaboration, and go treasure hunting with filmmaker Tomas Leach. Raymond Briggs reflects on growing old and what home means to him, Studio Swine discuss their innovative way of looking at the world and the team picks out some of the highlights from counterculture bible The Whole Earth Catalog.
They also celebrate graphic brilliance from 10 years’ worth of Kemistry Gallery posters, chat to ill Studio about how a skate magazine grew into one of the most exciting creative practices around, and dive into Cark Kleiner’s personal photo archive. Elsewhere, there’s big hair, brutalist architecture and a rifle through illustrator Molly Crabapple’s personal possessions, and Kyle Platts putting down nice guys.


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