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Collective Hub follows no rules and this issue is no different with 94-year-old IRIS APFEL gracing this month’s cover. Fresh from Paris Fashion Week the “geriatric starlet” talks wisdom from decades of running her own business, finding her calling in her eighties and why she’d rather die than retire. Proving that age is no barrier we also look at a 6-year-old photographer with 200,000 Instagram fans and the thriving lives of an 87-year old British senior model, a 70-year-old Indian educator and a 105-year-old Australian artist.

Also in this issue we speak with the new head of Silicon Valley favourite SURVEYMONKEY about leading in the wake of grief, the founder of TOMS opens up on why he quit his CEO job and SALLY FITZGIBBONS talks about turning to business when surfing wasn’t enough. Lastly, in an exclusive interview with the producers ofNETFLIX’S MAKING A MURDERER we delve into the truth the documentary was really trying to uncover.


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The Collective is a lifestyle magazine that brings together entrepreneurial and creative minds from across the globe. True to its name, its members are a collection of game changers, rule breakers, thought leaders and style makers with a common appetite for challenging the status quo. Through personal stories, in-depth interviews, investigative features and practical tips, The Collective aims to inspire and inform. Whether you are looking for a boost of creativity, business advice from industry professionals or a friendly pep talk, this mag is your guide to making an impact in this world. Hails from: Australia Frequency: Monthly