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Mag of the Month

Victory Journal_3_cover
  • 1: The mere fact that it takes on the format of a newspaper already gives the sense of added significance and, ahem, weightage. The bonus fact that this issue is called “For Love or Money” just makes it all the more awesome.

  • 2: A peek into the masthead reveals that each issue is dedicated to a different sports legend (issue 3 to “Smokin” Joe Frazier). Best of all, there is a “spiritual advisor” on the list of contributors.

  • The features are far from the usual suspects. There’s an interview with a photographer and a wirewalker ...

  • ... stunning photo stories on horse-racing and maritime jousting ...

  • ... and a print series commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Mets Championship via the tales of three of New York’s most notorious players.

  • There’s even a fashion spread thrown in for good measure, dedicated to the art of trout fishing. Erm, yes, consider us sold.

Think of a sports magazine, and your mind automatically glazes over all the mind-numbing numbers and soul-crushing statistics you’re sure to find within. Victory Journal takes all those pre-conceived notions and tosses them out the window.

One look at it and you know you’re onto something different. How so? We count the ways with a flip through issue 3 in the slideshow above.